The Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership worked together to prepare for the ICON Launch that will take place this week, w/c 26th September as part of the ICON Awareness Week 2022.

The UK’s first ever ICON week, spanning from 27 September – 1 October 2022, aimed to raise awareness of infant crying and how to cope in a bid to support parents/carers and prevent serious injury, illness and even death of young babies a result of these incidents.

Liverpool NHS Cheshire & Merseyside have provided the multi-agency partnership with a training recording to raise awareness of ICON and the support that professionals can offer to parents/carers. This can be accessed by booking via the LSCP Training system: https://liverpoolscp.org.uk/events/event/icon-training

Liverpool's ICON Launch

During this week's launch professionals are able to access:

Join us!

If you would like to join us in promoting the ICON message within your organisation during this awareness week, there are 4 simple ways to do so:

  1. Participate in our local LSCP activities and training
  2. Locally promote the ICON Awareness Week using the templates provided in the link.
  3. Use the official ICON resources/posters within your organisation to raise awareness
  4. Plan an ICON focussed discussion to influence the changes in your organisation's practice.