Child Deaths

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From April 2008 all Local Safeguarding Children Partnership Boards have had a statutory duty to hold a review whenever a child dies. The procedures to be followed are set out in Working Together 2015  to Safeguard Children.

There are two interrelated processes for reviewing child deaths (either of which can trigger a serious case review):

  1. Rapid response by a group of key professionals who come together for the purpose of enquiring into and evaluating each unexpected death of a child; and
  2. An overview of all child deaths (under 18 years) in the local safeguarding children partnership (LSCP) area(s), undertaken by a panel.

Child death overview panels (CDOPs) are responsible for reviewing information on all child deaths, and are accountable to the LSCP Chair.

The SUDI and SUDC Protocols are the rapid response process of CDOP. They have been reviewed and merged to form a Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood (SUDiC) Protocol (2017). (Wording has been amended and paragraph moved as previously below link)


Liverpool Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

All initial notifications are forwarded to the CDOP Team via the Sentinel secure web-based system. Agency representatives have been trained in how to access and input into the agency report form (Form B) on the system. Ongoing training is available when necessary.

Merseyside CDOP is chaired by an Independent Chair.

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The core membership consists of representatives from Community, Public and Mental Health Services, Children's and Maternity Hospitals, Education, Police, Social Care, Legal Services, LSCP Business Managers and Lay members. A dedicated panel to consider neonatal deaths is held quarterly with participation from Consultant Neonatologists and a Consultant Obstetrician.

Additional representatives are invited to participate dependent on issues being considered.

A national leaflet is available to explain the CDOP process and associated procedures.

A local Merseyside leaflet is available and is distributed by the Registrars at the point at which the child’s death is registered. For child deaths leading to inquest the leaflet is provided by the Coroner’s Officers within the inquest pack. The leaflet informs parents and carers of the process that has to be undertaken and the reasons for doing so. Bereavement support resources are listed and an additional list of bereavement resources is made available.

Full information regarding the CDOP process is contained within the Merseyside CDOP Protocol.

Annual Report

Merseyside CDOP compiles an annual report and quarterly reports that are distributed across the participating LSCP’s. The information from quarterly reports is combined to form the annual report. All CDOP reports are fully anonymised and no individual child is identified.

Merseyside CDOP Newsletter

First Edition of Merseyside CDOP Newsletter

Second Edition: Autumn - Safe Sleep Edition of Merseyside CDOP Newsletter

Revised Safe Sleep Edition of Merseyside CDOP Newsletter (linked to Safe Sleep Campaign)

Merseyside CDOP Briefing Sessions

The work of the CDOP was highlighted at monthly CDOP briefing sessions that commenced in June 2014. The sessions were held across Merseyside and further are to be arranged in the near future.

Contact Details

Gerard Majella Courthouse
Boundary Street
L5 2QD

Irene Wright, Merseyside CDOP Manager – 0151 233 1151
Helen Fleming-Scott, Merseyside CDOP Administrator – 0151 233 5412