Graded Care Profile (v2)

What is the Graded Care Profile?

In Liverpool, it has been agreed that the Graded Care Profile will be the standard tool used by multi agency professionals where there may be concerns about Neglect. You may wish to complete a Graded Care Profile once you have used our Neglect Screening Tool.

The Graded Care Profile is tool designed to provide an objective measure of the care of children. It can be used across the safeguarding continuum from Early Help through to children becoming Looked After.

The care provided to a child is graded over a short period of time which means that when the scoring is repeated, it can reflect either any improvements or increase in concerns in the level of care being provided.

The tool doesn’t explore the reasons for a particular level of care but does encourage further interpretation of the reasons at the analysis stage which can be captured for example in the Early Help or Single Assessment.

The GCP2 supports practitioners to work with parents to highlight strengths and weaknesses with parenting and will complement our strengths based model of practice as we begin to implement Signs of Safety.

What do professionals say about the tool?

“I found the tool useful with the family I am supporting as it helped me work with parents to identify areas needing improvement within the family home. Through discussion of each section, I was able to identify with mum some areas of concern for the family to work on and leave mum with this as an action before we met again. ”

The tool also gave me the opportunity to discuss all the positive steps the family have already taken as through discussion of each area I was able to point this out before looking at areas of concern.”  

                                                                                                                                                Children’s Centre Worker

What do families say about the tool?

“I like it, it shows you what goals you need to get on with, and it shows you what stages you need help with to get to the goals you need to get at. It gives you an insight into yourself. I’ve never thought about the fact I don’t take him on ‘outings’, it’s just never occurred to me but I could take him to the park”.

Mum (Case at Child Protection Case Conference)

 “I like it –it showed my strengths are and that’s not something I’ve experienced before.”

                                                                                                                                                Mum (Case at Early Help)

How do I become licensed to use the Graded Care Profile?

The Graded Care Profile tool is licensed by the NSPCC and as such can only be used by professionals who have attended a free one day training course.For more information see NSPCC Graded Care Profile

Liverpool Safeguarding Board Partners have developed a training team of multi-agency professionals who are currently delivering a program of one day Graded Care profile training.

For dates of forthcoming training and to book your place click HERE . Call into our GCP drop in session GCP2 DROP IN

Liverpool GCP2 Training Team

Click here for  Frequently Asked Questions

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