Seven Minute Briefings

We are delighted to share with you our range of Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership ‘Seven minute briefing’ documents.

Seven minute briefings are based on research, which suggests that seven minutes is an ideal time span to concentrate and learn.

The LSCP is aware of increasing pressure on services, which can make it difficult to release staff to attend training, as well as the need to keep learning and developing to maintain a skilled workforce, and that these short, team based learning events might be a helpful way to support learning

These briefings will be an invitation to think, and will end with discussion points which teams can use if there is time, but can also be omitted. The briefing will stand alone, even without the discussion, although if time is allowed for the discussion this is likely to enhance the learning of the team.

They should be delivered face to face, so as to ensure they are not misunderstood, and there can be discussion of the subject and they do not become lost in other paperwork or emails.

If you or your team have suggestions for future briefings or would like to share your experiences about how you have used these briefings please send your comments to the LSCP Training Coordinator:

Disguised Compliance Feb 2021

CDOP 7min Sept 2021

Critical Incident Group (CIG) Sept 2021

Educational Neglect Sept 2021

Ensuring we hear the voice of the child

Graded Care Profile 2 March 2021

Harmful Gambling - including screening tool

Hidden Males March 2021

ICON - Crying Babies March 2021

Information Sharing April 2020

Learning from Reviews Child W

Multi Agency Referral Form (MARF)

New Partners - Oct 2021

Role of the LSCP March 2021

Private Fostering

Resolution and Escalation

Signs of Safety March 2021


Merseyside CDOP - Safer Sleep Briefing