Whilst Liverpool LSCP do not currently commission any bespoke online E - learning modules, there are a number of free national resources available, many are listed below. 

The free online training below does not replace neither does it provide the level of training you need to be fully compliant with many awarding bodies. This is to supplement your CPD. Please ensure that in addition to undertaking the training below, you attend a variety of different courses delivered in different ways including face to face classroom training whilst ensuring it is multi-agency so that we can fully understand how to work together effectively to safeguarding the children and young people in our care.

Click on the links for each course/resources below;


Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACE's Video

ACT - Action Counters Terrorism - ACT - Action Counters Terrorism

Anti-Bullying Alliance - Anti-Bullying Alliance

Attachment in children and young people who are adopted or in care - NICE - Children's Attachment 

Attachment Theory - The basic principles of Attachment Theory - Iriss - Understanding Attachment Theory

Awareness of Forced Marriage - Virtual College - Awareness of Forced Marriage

Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes - Virtual College - Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes


Child Neglect Presentation - HM Govt. - Understanding Neglect

Child Neglect Learning Resources - HM Govt - Child Neglect Training Resources

Child Sexual Exploitation for Parents - Virtual College - CSE for Parents

Child Sexual Exploitation - PACE - Child Sexual Exploitation - PACE 

Child Sexual Exploitation - CSE Learning Tool - PACE - Keep them Safe

Child Sexual Exploitation - School/Parent Resource - ThinkUknow 

Children of Prisoners - SCIE - Children of Prisoners

Children and Young People's Mental Health - MindEd - Children and Young People's Mental Health 

Children and Young People Participation - Open Learning - Children and Young People Participation

Children's Rights - Coram International - Children's Rights 

Consent, Sexual Behaviours and Child Sexual Exploitation - Brook Learning - Consent, Sexual Behaviour and CSE

Contextual Safeguarding Network - Contextual Safeguarding Network 

Counter terrorism Awareness - Counter Terrorism Policing - ACT

Culture Competence - Commisceo - Cultural Awareness eLearning Online Training Course


Dementia Awareness - CSIE - Dementia Awareness

Disability Matters - Disability Basics - Disability Basics

Domestic Abuse/Toxic Trio - AVA Project - Domestic Abuse

Domestic Homicide Review - Training front line practitioners - Home office - DHR Training


Eating Disorders - Liverpool CAMHS


FGM - Virtual College - Female Genital Mutilation - Virtual college

Foster Caring - British Red Cross - Foster Caring

Forced Marriage - an Awareness - Virtual College - Awareness of Forced Marriage


Gender Non-Conforming Young People - GIRES - Understanding and supporting gender non-conforming young people 


ICON Awareness - Liverpool ICB - Training for Trainers & Professionals: The ICON message   Password: 'ICON'


Keeping  Children Safe Online - NSPCC - Keeping Children Safe Online (£35 registration fee)


Managing Sexualised Behaviour in Schools - NSPCC - Managing Sexualised Behaviour in School (£35 registration fee)

Mental Health and Wellbeing - Virtual College - Mental Health and Wellbeing


Online Safety - CEOP - Online Safety - Online Safety 

Online Safety: Coronavirus Covid-19 - Support for parents and carers to keep children safe online - Click here for guidance


Parental substance Misuse and the effect on Parenting - HM Govt - Parental Substance Misuse and effect on Parenting

PREVENT - Prevent duty training: Learn how to support people vulnerable to radicalisation

PREVENT Responsibilities in Further Education and Training - Education and Training Foundation - PREVENT in FE and Training


Safeguarding Children Awareness - LSCP/LCC

Safer Recruitment Training - Alison

Safeguarding Child Victims of Human Trafficking - 'In Your Hands' - ECPAT UK - In Your Hands

Safeguarding Disabled Children - Disability Matters - Safeguarding Disabled Children - (Health Practitioners only)

Self Harm and Risky Behaviour - MindEd - Self Harm and Risky Behaviour

Strengths Based Approaches - Videos - SCIE Strengths Based Approaches Video's

Suicide Awareness - Zero Suicide Alliance - Lets Talk 


Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes - Virtual College - The links between child abuse and animal welfare

Understanding Young Minds - Virtual College - Understanding Young Minds


Working from Home - Virtual College - Working from Home