Private Fostering

What is Private Fostering?

Private Fostering is a situation where a child, or young person under the age of 16 years, or under the age of 18 years old if disabled, lives with a person who is not a close relative for 28 days or more. To find out more go to:

What to do?

Private foster carers are legally required to notify Liverpool Fostering Services (Children's Advice & Support Service - CASS).

However, many people aren’t aware of this requirement; if you know a child or young person is being privately fostered and you think we are unaware please notify us or support the parent/carer to do so.

To notify Liverpool Fostering Service contact Liverpool City Council via Children's Advice & Support Service - CASS.

Once referrals are received by CASS the information is relayed via ICS Capita One to a Team Leader within the Fostering Service. If appropriate, the Team Leader will allocate to the Private Fostering Social Worker (PFSW) situated in the Fostering Team. The PFSW will, on occasions, receive direct referrals and enquiries from CASS, individuals in the community, professionals, parents, carers and others concerning Private Fostering Arrangements and other pertinent issues.