Meet the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) Young Advisors


I am Ben, I live in West Derby in the North West of Liverpool.

I became a Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Young Advisor March 2017.

I wanted to become a LSCP YA because I wanted to allow young peoples voices to heard and allow them to make decisions for their local area. I also wanted young people to have more opportunities for themselves. Being able to be actively involved in such important decision making for young people is very important for me and being able to influence these decisions is equally as important to me I take this very seriously.

Being part of a board as a trustee for a local charity which looks into helping and providing services for young people has advanced my skills in this area of knowledge and has allowed me to use these skills within the role of a LSCP Young Advisor, As well as being a volunteer I get to see first hand the shortage young people have these days and how we as the young persons today must strive to improve the facilities for young people.

The short time I have been a LSCP Young Advisor I have learnt so much and my eyes have been opened so much, I feel honoured to represent the LSCP as a Young Advisor and feel so privileged to be apart of such a dedicated, hardworking and determined team who take the up most pride in helping and supporting the young people of this city.


Hi, I'm Lucy and I've been a LSCP Young Advisor since January 2017.

My main motivation to become a LSCP Young Advisor was wanting to give young people, like myself a voice; in a way that it can't be manipulated by other sources, meaning that views are heard with equal consideration.

I feel many young people’s views are dismissed, and upon hearing about Young Advisors, I felt like this was a brilliant opportunity to change that. Aiming to make as many changes in this world, after many voluntary programmes, I felt it was time to actively get involved with young people in my own community and find ways to improve our services for the better.

The LSCP Young Advisors has presented a fun and relaxed environment to work in, amongst people my own age sharing a common aim and that is what is most appealing about the job. Wanting to pursue a career in psychology, I feel meeting young people will be beneficial for my future aspiration and not only this, being a Young Advisor has taught me various skills such a data analysis that I will carry forward in the future, along with the shared experiences along the way, making a change to, not only my life, but to other young people across the city :)


My name is Faith

I wanted to become a Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Young Advisor after being a School Councillor and being able to make changes to within the school community. I wanted to work on bigger projects to make bigger changes through the city and when the opportunity arose to be a LSCP young advisor I knew the role was for me.

I feel strongly about children and young people's voices being heard and I feel like the LSCP Young Advisors is a good way for people's views and opinions to be listened to. 

Becoming a LSCP Young Advisor has allowed me to meet new people and experience new things. I am also gaining skills that will help me in life.

I am excited to see what being a LSCP Young Advisor will hold for me in the future, and what doors it will open.


My name is Joe and I'm 17.

I was taken on as an LSCP Young Advisor as part of the second cohort in January 2017. This is something I am very proud of. 

Since being taken on, I have been involved in the Liverpool Arts and Culture Commission, a Commission which we found to have a very positive response from the majority of the Young People who participated with us through the use of questionnaires and graffiti walls during focus groups that we held throughout the duration of the Commission.

I wanted to become an LSCP Young Advisor as I like to work with people and I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people. I thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity as a first job.

As a result of becoming an LSCP Young Advisor, I have met so many new people and made some amazing new friends. Something which I hope continues as more YAs are taken on. I have also gained some very valuable new skills.

I have become more confident, both in everyday life and whilst presenting in front of a group of people, something I had to do when the report for the Arts and Culture commission was presented in July 2017.