LSCP Case Review Newsletters

To support practitioner learning LSCP produce a newsletter for each of the recent case reviews undertaken - this includes both Serious Case Reviews (SCR's) and Practice Learning Reviews (PLR).

Each of the newsletters below tell their own story and are well worth a read, however, please note: Reviews undertaken prior to April 2019 reflect the advice guidance available at that time, therefore, may be out of date, please refer to more recent reviews for the most up to date information.

March 2020 LSCP Newsletter Baby

March 2020 LSCP Newsletter Teenager

March 2020 LSCP Newsletter Family

April 2019 LSCP Newsletter Child David


April 2018 LSCB Newsletter 7 - Young Person George

April 2018 LSCB Newsletter 6 - Family P

July 2016 LSCB SCR Newsletter 5 - Child Chris

July 2016 LSCB SCR Newsletter 4 - Child Alex

May 2015 LSCB SCR Newsletter 3 - Child N

May 2015  LSCB SCR Newsletter 2 - Child Maisie

May 2015 LSCB SCR Newsletter 1 - Child Mary