LSCB Policy and Procedures Group

Chair: Liz Mekki, Service Manager Quality Assurance and Safeguarding


The group will ensure that agencies safeguarding children policies and procedures comply with and adheres to statutory guidance and the Local Safeguarding Children Board policies and procedures as a minimum requirement.

This group will also ensure that policies and procedures are developed where they do not exist or there is an identified need.

The sub group meets on a quarterly basis, monitoring reports will be sent to LCSB. Task & Finish Groups will be convened for areas of work they will meet outside of Policy & Procedure (P&P) Subgroup meetings to progress work.


  • To revise and develop multi-agency guidance as necessary.
  • To respond to areas of multi agency work as highlighted by the LSCB and any of its subgroups.
  • To ensure that learning from other subgroups is embedded in multi agency work.
  • To establish Task and Finish Groups in respect of specific and time limited pieces of work.


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Other agencies will have membership of the group on an ‘as needed’ basis, this will include

  • Supporting People
  • Chairs of Task & Finish Groups – who sit outside of the membership of Policy & Procedure Subgroup

Roles and Responsibilities of Members

Members are expected to attend the majority at least 80 percent of meetings. Attendance at meetings will be monitored failure to attend two meeting will result in the person's line manager being contacted and removal from the mailing list. Agencies will also be expected to participate in or nominate staff to participate in the work of the Subgroup (including Task & Finish Groups). All members should proactively contribute to the work of the group. Members should disseminate relevant information to their agencies.


At least 3 statutory agencies from the group must be in attendance.

Attendance by Members

Members are expected to attend at least 80 percent the majority of meetings and if they are unable to attend to provide a deputy in their absence.

Attendance by Others

Attendance by others should be by request and in agreement with the chair.

Reporting Arrangements

The group reports to the LSCB on a quarterly basis.

Decision Making

It will be the decision of the group as to how this work is undertaken unless a specific directive is received from the LSCB.

The group will provide recommendations to the LSCB for information on pieces of work. The group will make decisions by consensus and recorded in the notes of the meeting.

Frequency of Meeting



Administrative support to be provided from within the group.

Work Plan and Performance Management

A work plan will be produced at the beginning of each financial year highlighted the pieces of work for the coming 12 months. The work plan will be a standing agenda item and will also form the basis of quarterly reports to the LSCB. Further work as identified by the LSCB, subgroups or serious case reviews will be undertaken on a need must basis.

Links with other LSCB Subgroups

The group will link into the other subgroups as issues in relation to multi agency work are highlighted. This will include specific requests from the LSCB and/or from chairs of the LSCB subgroups.

Financial Arrangements

The work of the subgroup will be supported by the LSCB. The LSCB will provide secretariat and resources to book rooms. Other request for financial support will be considered on an ad hoc basis.


Communication will be at meetings or via e-mail.


The group will endeavour to be reflection of the needs of Liverpool’s diverse communities and will ensure that issues of diversity are considered within its work.

Conflict Resolution

The purpose of the group is to look at generic multi agency responses. All sectors will be taken into account when addressing multi agency work this includes the statutory and voluntary sector providers.

Exit Clause

Once established the membership of the group needs to be consistent for progress of the work plan. Agencies who feel it is no longer possible for them to attend the group on a regular basis should put this in writing. This will ensure that there is a consistency in representation.


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