Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP)

Multi-Agency Training and Workforce Development

Welcome to the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) multi-agency Learning and Improvement Programme 2019/2020

Liverpool LSCP supports a culture of continuous learning and improvement by providing a wide range of opportunities for multi agencies to come together to reflect upon the quality of their safeguarding services and to ‘learn together’ from experiences and to improve services as a result.

We do this as part of the local ‘Blended Offer’ of workforce development opportunities in partnership with Liverpool City Council.

The purpose of training for multi-agency working is to help develop and foster the following in order to achieve better outcomes for children and young people and their families:

  • A shared understanding of the tasks, processes, principles, and roles and responsibilities outlined in national guidance and local arrangements for safeguarding children and promoting their welfare;
  • More effective and integrated services at both the strategic and individual case level;
  • Improved communication between professionals, including a common understanding of key terms, definitions and thresholds for action;
  • Effective working relationships, including an ability to work in multi-disciplinary groups or teams; and sound decision-making, based on information sharing, thorough assessment, critical analysis and professional judgement.
  • Ensure practitioners have the knowledge and skill to collaborate effectively with others, both within their own agency and across organisational boundaries and disciplines, in order to safeguard the well-being of children; and,
  • Ensure practitioners have a sound understanding of the legislative framework and the wider policy context within which they work, as well as a familiarity with local policy and procedures.

Any Practitioner wishing to attend an LSCP courses must register with the Liverpool Early Help Directory. Individuals can then book themselves directly onto courses.



Multi Agency – No more than four people from each sector will be permitted to book onto each session.

(LSCP reserves the right to monitor and withdraw bookings if required, to ensure that the audience remains multi agency).

Working and Learning Together 

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