Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership MASA

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 replaced LSCBs with new local safeguarding arrangements led by the three named statutory safeguarding partners; local authorities, chief officers of police, and clinical commissioning groups (health). The three partners assume the responsibilities for safeguarding arrangements that sat with LSCBs and have a shared and equal duty for new safeguarding arrangements and for working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in Liverpool.

The main safeguarding partners, together with Education representatives, considered and developed new safeguarding arrangements and in consultation with Practitioners, children and young people and parents and carers the new safeguarding arrangements were agreed.

A link to the new arrangements is below

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) MASA

Summary of Liverpool’s New Safeguarding Arrangements

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Board

Will provide leadership, direction and governance, for the delivery of safeguarding arrangements in Liverpool, through equal and joint responsibility. The LSCP Board membership includes representation from the main safeguarding partners (Council, Police, Health Organisations and Education). The board will meet regularly to consider the effectiveness of multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. 

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Forum

Will bring together the named statutory partners, of the safeguarding partnership board, with representatives from relevant agencies. The partnership forum will support Liverpool’s multi-agency safeguarding arrangements, to be more effective, through collaborative leadership, scrutiny, challenge and coordinated activity.  

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Audit, Scrutiny & Review Group

Will lead, direct and support coordinated multi-agency audit, scrutiny and review activity, which will enable the LSCP Board, to assess the effectiveness of services for children in need of protection and help.

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Learning, Practice & Workforce Development Group

Will provide a coordinated multi-agency approach to workforce development which supports effective safeguarding practice through the communication and embedding of learning and practice improvements.

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Engagement Forum

Will, through a multi- agency forum, enable the Liverpool Safeguarding Partners to engage, meaningfully, with; multi-agency staff, children and families, as necessary, to inform responsive strategic and practice safeguarding improvements.

Independent Scrutiny

The role of independent scrutiny is to provide independent assurance of the effectiveness of Liverpool’s multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. Liverpool’s independent scrutiny arrangements will be part of a wider system of scrutiny which will include any statutory inspection of safeguarding partners and will include the role of Independent Safeguarding Scrutineer. This role will provide independent, objective critical challenge and appraisal of LSCP’s multi-agency safeguarding arrangements.

The New safeguarding arrangements have been in place since 1st April 2019 and have been shared with the Secretary of State.


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