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Young Advisors are young people aged between 15 and 24, who show community leaders how to engage young people in community life, local decision-making and improving services. They also work with business leaders, bringing unique expertise and knowledge about being young to influence strategic planning, decision-making and marketing.

The Young Advisors network is managed by a central charity, which brings the network of social franchises across the UK cohesion and support.

Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) currently have 11 active LSCP Young Advisors based across the City.

LSCP Young advisors are young people who will engage other young people to promote their voice in the city around issues that matter. This will be fed back to services to better inform their plans/ delivery.

All LSCP Young Advisors are trained and have a nationally recognised qualification (AQA).

LSCP Young Advisors can be commissioned by agencies and should you wish to commission the Young Advisors or discuss commissioning them, please contact:

Jacqui Taylor
Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership
Telephone:  0151 233 0493.

The Young Advisors can provide:

  • Consultations
  • Service Appraisals
  • Research
  • Youth Proofing
  • and much more...

Feedback from partner agencies who have commissioned/worked with the LSCB Young Advisors:

“LSCP Young Advisors team are doing a fantastic job in helping to improve our communities and solve issues for young people. I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation delivered by Faith and Joe, two of the group at the Everyman regarding how Young People across the city feel about arts and culture and how they would like to engage. The presentation was excellently structured, well researched and delivered in a clear and concise manner plus passion and are well supported and supervised.

It is now our responsibility to help meet the Young Peoples needs and deliver services/activities which they will both enjoy and gain benefit from. I have been made aware that the Young People are now looking at issues relating to school attendance and I am positive that they will again do an excellent job and have a real impact in this area”

Comments received from partner agencies:

  • I was very impressed with the drive and passion of the young advisors, well done to them!
  • Excellent delivery of all aspects of the young advisors and the work they do.
  • The young people who delivered the presentation should be very proud of themselves as I'm sure their families and schools are. They are a real credit to our city and I hope they go on to truly amazing things.
  • Well done, it is clear that there are some real stars arising from our young people.
  • They are a fantastic resource for the city.
  • AMAZING the young Advisors are so inspiring 
  • I was so inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of these fantastic young people. I would really like to work with them in the future.
  • I think that that the LSCB Young Advisors are doing a brilliant job and that is it a really good initiative.

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If you wish to commission the Young Advisors or would like further information, please contact LSCP Safeguarding Coordinator, Jacqui Taylor


Tel:  0151 233 0493

Mobile: 07841224150

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