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Local authorities are required, under a statutory duty, to notify the National Panel of incidents where they know or suspect that a child has been abused or neglected and:

• the child dies or is seriously harmed in the local authority’s area; or
• while normally resident in the local authority’s area, the child dies or is seriously harmed outside England.

These notifications should be made within five working days of the local authority becoming aware of the incident.
Local authorities are to use Ofsted’s online notification system to notify the Panel. Notifications made through this route will go to the Panel, Ofsted and the DfE.
The local authority should also report the incident, within the same five working days, to the LSC

Professionals and organisations protecting children need to reflect on the quality of their services and learn from their own practice and that of others. Good practice should be shared so that there is a growing understanding of what works well. Conversely, when things go wrong there needs to be a rigorous, objective analysis of what happened and why, so that important lessons can be learnt and services improved to reduce the risk of future harm to children.

When a child dies, and abuse or neglect are known or suspected to be a factor in the death, local agencies should consider immediately whether there are other children at risk of harm who need safeguarding (e.g. siblings, other children in an institution where abuse is alleged). Thereafter, agencies should consider whether there are any lessons to be learned from the tragedy about the ways in which they work together to safeguard children. This is called a ‘Child Safeguarding Practice Review’.

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