Daily Blogs

Monday - Two health professionals, a Health Visitor and a School Nurse reflect on the impact of using the Graded Care Profile to help identify needs in order to help support a family.

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Tuesday - June Cargill.

June, an experienced and outstanding childminder from North Liverpool reflects on her busy day supporting children and their families.

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Wednesday - Nicky Gibson Deputy Manager and SENDCO at Sticky Fingers Day Nursey.

Nicky reflects on her busy day working with partners to support children and families.

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Thursday - Sue Campbell Health Promotion/Deputy Co-ordinator Bellevale Childrens Centre.

Sue shares her reflections and highlights the importance of working in partnership to offer Early Help and support

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Young Person Billy shares how Early Help and support made things better for his family.

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Friday - A local Health Visitor explains the importance of building good relationships to develop trust when offering Early Help and support. 

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