LSCP Scrutiny, Audit and Review Group (SARG)

Chair: Esther Golby, Designated Nurse, Cheshire and Merseyside ICB Liverpool Place


Lead, direct and support coordinated multi-agency audit, scrutiny and review activity, which enables the LSCP Board, to assess the effectiveness of services for children in need of protection and help.


The Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Scrutiny Audit and Review subgroup will be accountable to the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Partnership Forum and the LSCP Board, for the operational frameworks for delivery of audit, scrutiny, and performance review.


  • Lead engagement with multi-agency audit activity, as directed by the LSCP Board, evaluating the effectiveness of safeguarding services provided to children and families in Liverpool.
  • Facilitate scrutiny and evaluation of partnership data, qualitative and quantitative and intelligence identifying themes, trends, issues and areas of concern to support recommendations for the improvement of safeguarding policy, procedure and practice.
  • Support child safeguarding practice reviews, national and local. 
  • From scrutiny, audit and review, identify themes, issues and learning reporting to the LSCP Board, LSCP Forum and Learning, Practice & Workforce Development Group as required.
  • Identify serious child safeguarding cases which raise issues of importance, progressing as deemed necessary by the LSCP Board.
  • Facilitate, via nominated members as part of a Rapid Review Panel, response to serious incidents in accordance with statutory requirements.


  • Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children, Cheshire and Merseyside ICB (Chair)
  • DCI, Merseyside Police.
  • Director, Children's Social Care.
  • Director Early Help and Commissioning Services
  • Director for Education 
  • Public Health Consultant
  • Relevant Agency Representation (Per requirement) 

Additional Support provided by:

  • LSCP Quality Assurance and Performance Management Officer
  • LSCP Training & Workforce Development Coordinator
  • LSCP Safeguarding Manager

Meetings & Frequency:

All meetings will have representation, delegated or otherwise, from all safeguarding partners. (Relevant agency representation will be as deemed necessary). Meetings will take place monthly

Business Support: 

Business support (minutes, coordination of meetings, action monitoring) will be provided by the will be provided by the LSCP support team.

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