LSCP Critical Incident Group

Chair: D/Chief Inspector Investigations Siobhan Gainer, Merseyside Police

Terms of Reference

The Critical Incident Group (CIG) is responsible for undertaking and establishing the need for a Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review (LCSPR) or any other review, ensuring that actions, based on recommendations from reviews, are implemented. In addition the Critical Incident Group work with the LSCP  Learning, Practice & Workforce Development Group towards ensuring that the lessons are learned and any required changes to practice are implemented.

The Group has responsibility for monitoring the quality of work, commissioned by LSCP, from independent consultants including authors of overview reports and chairs of the review process.

The CIG has responsibility for monitoring implementation of single agency action plans. Multi agency action plans are monitored by the LSCP Scrutiny, Audit and Review Group (SARG).

The CIG contributes to the LSCP annual report.

The Standing CIG meets once a month.


Name                                            Designation/Agency
Siobhan Gainer                            Merseyside Police (Chair)
Alison McDonald                          Legal Services, Liverpool
Esther Golby                                Designated Nurse, Liverpool CCG
Sarbjit Kaur                                  Merseyside Police
Hazel Patterson                           Children’s Centre Coordinator
Irene Wright                                 CDOP Manager
Dr Vardak                                    Designated Doctor
Emma Rathbone                         Head of Targeted Services
Liz Mekki                                     Service Manager, LCC
Nicky Walsh                                LSCP GCP2 Project Lead
Jenny Graham                            LSCP Education Liaison Officer
Mary Stephenson                       Team Manager, Careline
Paul Armstrong                           Merseyside CRC
Sue Clarke                                  Head teacher, LASH Representative
Lisa Kelly                                    NPS
Jacqui Taylor                              LSCP Safeguarding Coordinator

Rapid Review Panel Membership:

DCI Merseyside Police

Designated Nurse Safeguarding Children, Liverpool CCG. (Chair)

Service Manager, Quality Assurance & Safeguarding, Children’s Services.

LSCP Partnership Education Liaison Officer


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